• Polyp Lab Polyp Booster 100ml

Polyp Lab Polyp Booster 100ml

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Made from the purest ingredients and filtered to achieve the most concentrated product possible Polyp - Labs are proud to introduce POLYP-BOOSTER. With 18 amino-acids and 12 fatty acids present POLYP-BOOSTER brings a broad spectrum of compounds that will make your corals happy. As for the spectacular, POLYP-BOOSTER can trigger feeding response of scleractinian corals, reactive to Reef-Roids in less than 30 seconds.

1) Trigger feeding response with reactive corals, fish, inverts and crustaceans
2) Trigger feeding response in less than 30 seconds
3) Contains 18 Amino-Acids (60% of dry weight)
4) Contains 12 Fatty Acids (20 % of dry weight)
5) Astaxanthin pigment from natural source as high as 120 ppm
6) Contains bio-peptides molecules used in human pharmaceutical product development 
7) Increases Coral food absorption of any given coral food on the market (less waste)

Packed in a convenient 100ml glass bottle with dropper, POLYP-BOOSTER is easy to use and comes as a must have product for any low nutrient feeding system available on the market. Best results achieved in association with our  Reef-Roids. POLYP-BOOSTER is safe for any type of marine aquarium and will surely become a must have for all Aquarists.

The recommended dosage is 1ml per 200L of salt water volume in your aquarium.

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